Best Fruits for Weight Loss

best fruits for weight loss

Fruits for weight loss: Kiwifruit

This green fruit is rich in vitamin C, just one fruit contains its daily dose. Kiwi accelerates the metabolism, as well as the breakdown of fats. Almost 80 % of kiwifruit is water so this fruit is low fat. It also contains vitamin E. Many cosmetologist admit that kiwi eating can help improve your face skin on top of everything else.

Kiwi contributes to starting of fat burning processes in your body due to this fruit’s acids and enzyme substances. And please do not forget about the nice bonus – slowing down of the aging process. You can also eat a kiwi if you are in the mood for something sweet but do not want to eat something like cookies or ice cream. As you can see kiwifruits are the healthy weight loss food.

Nutritional value of kiwifruit per 100 g (3.5 oz)

EnergySugarsDietary fiberFatWater
61 kcal8.99 g3 g0.52 g83 g

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