Best Fruits for Weight Loss

The best fruits for weight loss:
the eighth fruit is pineapple.

Fruits for fat loss: Pineapple

Have you heard that pineapple is more than just a delicious fruit from the South. It is tasty and it offers significant health benefits. Pineapple may have a good effect on your metabolism. But if it doesn’t, nevertheless it is a good snack choice because it is very low in calories. And please pay your attention to low fat content of pineapple.

100 g of this fruit contains almost 60% of C vitamin’s daily volume and has near 45% of manganese’s dose. So it is great source of these elements. Vitamin C, as you may know, supports your immune system and also provides antioxidant benefits. In addition pineapple contains some amount of vitamin B1, B6 and B9. So eating pineapple is very healthy and good diet for fat loss.

Nutritional value of pineapple per 100 g (3.5 oz)

EnergySugarsDietary fiberFatWater
50 kcal9.85 g1.4 g0.12 g86 g

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