Best Vegetables for Weight Loss

best vegetables for weight loss

Vegetables for weight loss: Broccoli

WHO have highlighted cruciferous vegetables (vegetables of the family Brassicaceae) as must-have foods. They recommend to eat them several times a week because these vegetables can lower rates of cancer. Broccoli is one of those vegetables. It is not only extremely healthy, it is also very tasty.

It is low-calorie food and is filling as well. 100 g of broccoli contain more than 100% of daily value of vitamin C and close to 100% of daily value of vitamin K. In addition to that it is rich in antioxidant and fibre. And all that will set you back only 34 calories per serving. What can be more healthy and useful in weight control?

Nutritional value of raw broccoli per 100 g (3.5 oz)

EnergySugarsDietary fiberFatProteinWater
34 kcal1.7 g2.6 g0.37 g2.82 g89.3 g

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