Best Vegetables for Weight Loss

Vegetables to lose weight: Cucumber

Maybe you have heard about the cucumber diet that promotes short-term weight loss. How does it work? It is simple. By eating low in calories vegetables, in this case it is cucumber (only 16 kcal in a 100-gram serving), you consume less calories.This diet advises that whenever you want feel hungry, you should eat a cucumber. Also cucumbers are low in fat.

In a 100-gram serving, raw cucumber provides only 16 kcal and, unfortunately, supplies low content of essential nutrients. We can notice vitamin K only at 16% of the daily value. Cucumber also contains a small amount of different minerals. So as you can see this good vegetable for weight loss is not so good in terms of nutritional values.

Nutritional value of cucumber per 100 g (3.5 oz)

EnergySugarsDietary fiberFatProteinWater
16 kcal1.67 g0.5 g0.11 g0.65 g95.23 g

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